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Best XXL Mouse Pads in India 2021

Best XXL Mouse Pads in India 2021

A mouse pad is mandatory. Most of the times it is ignored but it really protects your mouse and your keyboard. The mouse that your use requires a base that will glide across. We have a listed out certain XXL mice…

Best Gaming Mouse under 5000 India 2021

Best Gaming Mouse under 5000

What makes a gaming mouse stand out? When it comes to multi tasking and proper gaming; you need to see the programmable switches, DPI, comfort and grip, top tracking speed are essential. Comfort, budget, key features etc is all a task. Just looking is not…

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 5000 India 2021

Best Mechanical Keyboard under 5000 India 2021

Keyboards under budget with all the functions and features are surely hard to find. But we have you covered. If you’re looking for an all-in-1; to improve your gameplay and work simultaneously a dedicated keyboard will help you throughout! A…