Best Gaming Mouse under 5000 India 2021

What makes a gaming mouse stand out? When it comes to multi tasking and proper gaming; you need to see the programmable switches, DPI, comfort and grip, top tracking speed are essential. Comfort, budget, key features etc is all a task. Just looking is not enough. A buying guide with the best research is the solution. A gaming mouse is an accessory just so a weapon for professionals. Great for immersive gaming which means to carry out a great deal of work.  

To make your search faster and easier we have laid out a shopping guide. It will help you choose the best gaming mouse under 5000. All the functions and factors are reviewed for you.

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Here's a list of Best 5 Gaming Mouse under 5000 India 2021


Price (Approx)

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Logitech G304


Logitech G502


Logitech G402


Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed 


HyperX Plusfire Haste

CosmicByte Equinox 


Details about Best Gaming Mouse under 5000 India 2021

1. Logitech G304

  • The Logitech G304 has a hero gaming sensor. The new high performance gaming mouse offers almost 10 times more than its original power capacity compared to other gaming mice.  
  • 400 IPS makes the mouse highly receptive and accurate and 12000 DPI provides sensitivity. Kills and actions with precision. 
  • Wireless lightspeed mouse offers a zero lag or delay for any in game or any on screen activities. Gives you incredibly high accuracy with responsiveness. 
  • Has a 1ms rapid report rate to deliver the wireless network. Comes with an innovative G304 tech for competitive gaming with a smooth and lag free performance.  
  • It has a long lasting battery life delivered by G304. A nonstop gaming experience for 250 hours thanks to the solo AA battery. Top experience and performance. You won’t be running out of battery anymore!  
  • The Logitech software is built for gaming with 8ms report rate and an extra battery life that lasts for 9 months. Notifies you at 15% battery. 
  • Built with a weightless mechanical and an effective body. Mouse weight : 99 grams which delivers quick movement. Has an extremely effective battery consumption.  
  • The body is close packed and built with a micro receiver memory storage. The Logitech G304 is just exceptional! 
  •  You can carry the mouse anywhere and everywhere for continuous gaming ; offered by the wireless feature!  
  • Warranty : 2 years. 

2. Logitech G502

  • The G502 has a ground breaking hero 16k sensor. Terrific precision measured sensor delivers 25,000 DPI for speedy gaming experience. Highly precise and receptive throughout the whole DPI scale.  
  • USB data configuration : 16 bits/ axis. 
  • The wire is 2.10 m long. The longevity PTFE feet is 250 km.  
  • G502 offers 11 switches that can be personalised. You can set your controls as per your choice and convenience! Has an in built memory. You can put aside 5 profiles for your game by saving it the G502 gaming mouse.  
  • It is compatible with windows 7 and further versions and mac OS 10.11 and further versions. 
  • THE G502 allows you to customize the weight of your mouse. You can simply get rid of 3.6 g of weight and add up to 18 g of weight. Maneuver it easily for the lightweight speed.  
  • Has RGB light offering you to personalise the colours from a wide range of 16.8 million colour options. All thanks to the light sync tech with the Logitech G502 gear.  
  • Built in with a mechanical button which has metal spring tensioning tech and pivot hinges which are inside the right and left buttons of the G502. This makes every click a sharp and smooth finish with a fast response!  
  • Has a speedy scroll wheel for fast moves and clicks for accuracy by locking it in. 
  • Get the right feel with Logitech G502 and superb in game action! 

3. Logitech G402

  • G402 comes up with a top tracking speed. It has 500 IPS of tracking speed making of the fastest and the top among all the gaming mice. Must haves are windows 8, 8.1, 7 and windows vista.  
  • You get 8 cutomisable buttons and execute multi tasking with this exceptionally high speed gaming mouse. You can personalise simply with the Logitech gaming software and programme each button and make the most of it! You can change pixels thanks to 4 DPI setting levels offering swift moves. Swap from different levels; 4000 to 250 DPI within seconds with these 4 settings! The ultra speedy report rate is 1 ms for lag and delay free performance during tasks.  
  • Extremely receptive towards all the commands and executes actions smoothly. 
  • A flawless design with all the possible features and functions for the comfort of the users. Grab the mouse in a clutch with a rubber cover for the perfect grip ; ensures relaxing for hours straight. Ergonomically built for the comfort of your hands and fingers offering zero slip.  
  • Has a 34 bit arm processor helps you manage and make macros with no sweat accessibility.  
  • Mouse weight : 145 g. A feather weight structure but maximum output and works efficiently. Game for long hours without lag with comfort and ease! 
  • Mouse size : 13.6 x 7.2 x 4.1 cm. 

4. Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed

  • Razer Basilik x hyperspeed is 25% quicker than other gaming mice. The cable free tech ensures lag free performance and no extra requirements so that you can enjoy the wireless technology!  
  • It has connectivity with 2 modes, additionally you can simply make use of Bluetooth connection and benefit by increasing the batter life! Immersive gaming for all users. 
  • Bluetooth delivers 450 hours long battery and Hyperspeed wireless offers 285 hours of battery. Ultimate battery life with the wireless feature expands your gaming adventure and a long lasting game play! 
  • Now customize you button as you prefer. Assign commands and controls of intricate macro actions offered by Razer Snyapse 3. Control every action with easily accessible macros, functions and features.   
  • It has an optical sensor of 16,000 DPI for precision measured commands and execution. Make every move count! Highly motile and functioning. Best for professionals and all users. 
  • You get 5 programmable DPI setting levels. Take your arsenal anywhere without worrying about performance or place. Completing missions and making kills irrespective of the arena just simply win the game! 
  • High durability mechanical buttons deliver almost 50 million clicks. Rapid action on every click. Making it reliable for all type of users. 
  • Product warranty : 2 years

5. HyperX Plusfire Haste

  • Built with a hexagonal gaming body ensures light weight and high mobility. Structure made for a feather weight experience and guarantees permanence. 
  • The open and airy body ensures no heat and air circulation. Ergonomically built mouse for the comfortable grab. 
  • The USB braided cable is super flexible and offers smooth moves without making any action slow or restricted. Move your mouse freely. 
  • The switches are made with an anti – dust covering. Each click is crisp making every action on screen clean and powerful. Offers 60 millions clicks. 
  • Made with 6 customisable switches with 2 are omron switches because of HyperX NGenuity software.  
  • You get PTFE skates for zero friction or roughness and gliding maneuvers. The skates are super large. You get an extra pair of skates in case of any future damage.  
  • Grips strips are offered for the exact hold of the mouse. The strips for the right and life sides of the omron mouse keys. So you can use it for hours straight!  
  • Personalize your DPI modes. Also the 360 RGB lights adding style and design for the atmosphere, controls of each button, and register the macros thanks to the robust HyperX NGenuity software.  
  • Has a pixart 3389 sensor and a 16,000 DPI for precision and responsiveness. 
  • Inbuilt memory storage for any personalized changes

6. CosmicByte Equinox

  • Customize and assign each button a command. Control the macros using Equinox Gamma software.  
  • You can release three hits at the same time with a single click. Kill the opponent in one press before they know it.  
  • Has 6 DPI setting modes and signals you every time. Double DPI buttons ensure faster changes and adjusting to 16,000 DPI. Program desired DPI to all levels with Equinox Gamma software.   
  • The Cosmic Byte Equinox is compatible with mac, windows and linus. Has a golden plates USB interface with a braided cable of 1.75 m long. 12 programmable buttons to use and omron keys.  
  • Comes with pixart PMW3389 mouse sensor with a rapid tracking speed of 400 IPS and boosts 50g of quickness. 
  • Customize the weight of your mouse. You add on up to 3 weights of 3.5 g each.  
  • You get an entire spectrum of 16.8 millions colours to choose from just to select the lights of your mouse. Offers 9 LED light modes to pick. You can choose any desirable lighting effects via software or mouse shortcuts. 
  • Get a firm grip for your hands. Has a matte, anti – slip UV cover design. 
  • Mouse size : 124 x 73 x 43 mm. 


Above, we have listed out selective gaming mice. Brands like Logtiech, Cosmic Byte and HyperX deliver exceptional performance.  

Amazing durability, programming and crisp maneuvering etc come with all of them. The mice are the best in the market. Not letting you put a hole in your pocket these mice offer the top functioning, speed, quick response on every command and game play.  

Comfort is not compromised over anything. No pain only wins. 

Game better with our top picks. Rule the arena with the right click and flawless controls.

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