Best XXL Mouse Pads in India 2021

A mouse pad is mandatory. Most of the times it is ignored but it really protects your mouse and your keyboard. The mouse that your use requires a base that will glide across. We have a listed out certain XXL mice mats in India 2021. 

A mouse pad does the job. It is large enough to fit your keyboard. The control and sensors work more efficiently as a mouse mat is packed with sensor reactive layer. It helps in speed and accuracy. A smooth surface for maneuvering is clearly important so as to have an break free and speedy gaming session.  

Made for all users and all set ups. An optimized gaming performance or be it a work thing a mouse pad is equally helpful like your mouse, keyboard laptop/ PC etc.  

Get all the features at once! rubber coating, drink and food spill-proof, anti-skid or non-slip and is washable making it liquid-proof.  Choose what suits you the best XXL mousepads in India 2021.  

Here's a list of Best 8 XXL mousepads in India 2021


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Storin Large


Redgear MP80


Storin xxl Mouse Pad


War Hammer GX1050


Cosmic Byte Volcano


Scarters XXL Mouse Pad


Gamdias NYX P1


RiaTech XXL Mouse Pad 


Details about best XXL mousepads in India 2021

1. Storin Large

  • Dimensions: 600mm x 300mm x 2mm extended large sized mouse pad. Has rectangular body. 
  • Thickness: 60 x 30 x 0.4 cm.  
  • The design is thick with large stitched edges and stays intact.  
  • Storin large offers a big sized mouse pad which is quite huge for all mice. You can fit almost all your set up like you keyboard and mouse etc. Guards your bureau with a comfortable size and ensures enough space on the desk.  
  • Offers a gliding surface for rapid maneuvers and actions in game. Control your moves with ease. Optimized gaming and work station for the smoothest mouse glide.  
  • Simply washable in a washing machine just in case you drop food or splash drinks on the mouse pod. Does not wear out like other mouse pads ensuring durability.  
  • The liquids spilt will cause no damage; thanks to the waterproof covering. The rubber texture makes the mouse pad anti gliding on the bureau; simply doesn’t move in action.  
  • Let is be professional gamers, a mouse pad for a home set up, in the office, or be it a pad for keyboards, laptops, mice, extended mats and for all types of PCs.  
  • The storin large has feather weight built for a long lasting use.

2. Redgear MP80

  • The Redgear MP80 mouse pad is made with a control surface. Best for competitive gaming; excellent for professional gamers. Speedy actions on commands and accuracy. Skillfull gaming and designed for all users. 
  • The surface is suitable for all mice. Built with a sensor reactive layer for faster moves with your mouse.  
  • The edges are embroidered with stitches built for a long lasting experience. Made with an anti slip design for the perfect movement on the mouse pad.  
  • Wen you’re working, studying, gaming etc the mat won’t move a bit, you will have your mouse moving exactly where you want it.  
  • Redgear MP80 is made with the best tech and expertise to give you the long run and effective experience all the time.  
  • Dimensions: 800mm x 300mm x 3mm. 
  • Be it any mouse, suitable for all mice settings and controls.  
  • Exceptionally designed structure for accuracy on controls and commands in game. 
  • Higher performance with high quality experience made for you.  
  • Precise and concise moves while gaming and other on screen activities.  
  • Smooth maneuvers, easy glide here and there on the mouse pad.  
  • Warranty: 1 year.

3. Storin xxl Mouse Pad

  • Dimensions: 70cm x 30cm x 0.6cm with a rectangular structure. Works amazing on flat/ table/ desk surface.  
  • Thickness: 700mm x 300mm x 3mm. 
  • Size that fits all and everything for instance your keyboard and mouse. Ample of space for professional gaming and all work. Your desk is guarded at all times.   
  • Super silky tracking surface for your mouse and smooth moves. Control and manage your tasks as you want it to be. Best for competitive gamers. Great for each and every set up.  
  • Does not slide or slip when you’re working or during any other intense activity or a busy business meet, conducting presentations etc. Makes every action count and accurate.  
  • Soft finish texture and has stitched embroidery perimeters. Exceptional design and heavy duty rubber material made for durability of the mouse pad. Convenient for all users with anti-wear design which makes it outstanding than regular. 
  • Wash it when dirty; in case you drop your drinks or food on the mouse pad. Impenetrable and zero damage with the waterproof design.  

4. War Hammer GX1050

  • Dimensions: 30.8 X 11.8 inches with a rectangular body.  
  • A size that will fit all accessories; your keyboard, mouse etc. An organised desk with sufficient room for other items. Excellent for a home set up, an office or be it any place you love having your PCs, laptops etc.  
  • Made with stitched embroidered ends for durability. Built with a superior quality material, made under a high temperature of 230°F process. This ensure an intact shape and a body for a long run.  
  • Has a lycra layer for a clean finish. Ensures gliding and not dragging on the mouse pad surface. Offers clean and crisp maneuvers and actions. Precision with control in every game and business work. Works best with mechanical and optical mice. No dragging but gliding the mouse is ensured with War Hammer GX1050.  
  • Zero damage in case of food or drink spilling on the mouse pad with the help of waterproof covering. Acts as a liquid repellent. Simply clean it with a piece of wet cloth or wipe it off in seconds. You can also toss it in the washing machine. No stain will stay back! 
  • Built with an anti microbial surface; helps stay clean, no spots or stains and odour free. 
  • Anti slip rubber base coat. Non slip and slide rubber helps in keeping mouse pad in position. Immovable especially helps when you’re working. Maximum stability and accuracy in place.  
  • War Hammer is originally an Indian based brand.  

5. Cosmic Byte Volcano

  • The most ideal part of you home, office set up is the Cosmic Byte Volcano mouse mat.  
  • LED lights on the edges of the pad having RGB lighting effects. Specially designed for all users. Works best with all Cosmic Byte category of gaming mice.  
  • Made with hight quality material for the smoothest mat surface. Hours of work, tasks, gaming etc with out any disruptions. 
  • 100% accuracy and control with the non skid base feature.  
  • Has a non slip base so that the mouse can glide across without any bumps in between. 
  • Comes with a removable USB interface and micro USB wire which is braided with a length of 1.8 m. 
  • You can set the LED lights in rotation thanks to the in built switch on the front of the mouse mat. 
  • Product warranty: 1 year. 
  • Dimensions: 900x300x4mm. 

6. Scarters XXL Mouse Pad

  • Mat size: 90 cm x 45 cm. you can use it from both the sides. Colours: blue and yellow.  The fabric is made of high quality vegan PU leather. It helps in crisp on screen activities and lag free.  
  • High durability material and clean moves on the surface.  
  • Scarters has strong and sturdy body, fabricated for non slip function. Optimised use for all set ups; home, office etc. Amazing for those extra hours of working and gaming.  
  • An all fit size, keep your mouse, keyboard, tablets, laptops and other desk items easily for a more organised look.  
  • Perfect for any task with comfort; be it gaming, working, multitasking like typing, writing, drawing. Works best with mechanical and optimal mouse maneuvers. High responsiveness during long hours of work and for professional gamers. Easy controls.  
  • Wipe it and clean with ease In case you spill a drink or food making it spill proof. Suitable for all users and devices.  
  • A well organised and the ideal addition to the set up.  

7. Gamdias NYX P1

  • Gamdia NYX P1 is made with the hexagonal material which helps in constant maneuvers in all directions. Glides across easily.  
  • Assured stable accurate movements and functions thanks to the high quality finish surface.  
  • Stitched embroidered edges for a long run. Ensures hand rest and comfort for the extra working and gaming hours.  
  • Heavy duty rubber surface making it easy for smooth and crisp mouse moves for all types of mice.  
  • High sensitive making sure you have the most precise controls and amazing sensors.  
  • Mouse mat size: 89.15 x 29.72 x 0.3 cm

8. RiaTech XXL Mouse Pad

  • Dimensions: 600mm x 300mm x 2mm. One size fits all! Everything you keep on your bureau, keyboard, mouse, tablets, etc will be placed spaciously. Ample of space for a working environment.  
  • Thickness : 2mm. 
  • High speed, excellent controls while working and gaming. A clean and sleek base for the mouse to glide in any direction.  
  • Stitched embroidered perimeters for maximum durability. Anti wear and does not loose shape. Just put the mat in the washing machine just in case you drop food or drinks or any such accident. Spill proof and safety at its best. Clean it with ease!  
  • High quality rubber makes the mouse pad anti skid and anti slip while gaming or any doing a task.   
  • Mats available for all devices. Your PC, laptop, mouse, keyboard, tablets etc. Be it anywhere for home or an office set up. For all users and all devices.


Check out for the best ones right above. We have reviewed them; don’t let your time go to waste. All sorts of modern gaming mice or others in the market require the best tracking surface for the exquisite experience. Comfort is not compromised.  

If you know it you know it. The set up needs a mouse mat for a good looking view. A mouse pad has to be multifunctional. You get plenty of room on you desk with the exact size and shape of the pad.  

Brands like Redgear, Cosmic Byte, Gamdias, Scarters are the top rated brands. High quality with superb performance is ensured. Put your hands on the best of XXL mouse pads in India 2021; one that makes you feel the zest for doing the daily tasks.

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