OnePlus Buds Review in India 2020

OnePlus Buds Bluetooth Headset Review:

  • Comes with a Mic
  • Bluetooth version: 5
  • 30 hours of full Playtime
  • 10 hours playtime for 10 minutes of charge.
  • 13.4 mm dynamic drivers with Dolby Atmos.
  • Low Latency Mode | IPX4 resistant.
  • Available in three colours.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • OnePlus Buds Review

OnePlus Buds Review

price is around 4,990 in India

Topic – OnePlus Buds Review

The OnePlus Buds have been launched in India for Rs 4,990, and bring with themselves several premium-segment features that make them an interesting option. The case and battery are particular highlights. The OnePlus Buds have a charging case that is quite lightweight, at just 37 grams with each earbud just 4.7 grams in isolation. The case also has a matte finish to it which makes it easy to grip in the hand.

The metallic tip at the bottom of each stem helps the buds stay magnetically attached to the inner charge case. The lightweight nature and the matte finish texture of the charging case make this easy to carry around. Even in the pocket of your jeans where it slips in snug and nice, without ever making its weight felt. Read more about OnePlus Buds Review below.

The charging case also features a button and a USB Type C port, of which the former can be used for putting the Buds in pairing mode. The latter can be used with any Type-C charger to top-up the battery of the case.

OnePlus Buds is flat and houses buttons for gesture controls. In terms of the fit, the OnePlus Buds should fit the average ear just fine, but if yours is the exception then it would be prudent to note that the OnePlus Buds offer no silicon tips, and as such, no chance of improving the fit of the earbuds.

But like we said, for most users, this won’t be an issue as the earbuds don’t fall out of the ear easily and it generally stays firmly tucked in. The lightweight nature of the Buds also ensures that they aren’t a burden even if you plan to use them for long hours. They just sit there and do their job, without reminding you of their presence at most times. you can also find Pros and Cons about the earbuds below in OnePlus Buds Review.

Integration & Controls

OnePlus Buds include Google Fast Pair, which makes light work of keeping track of battery levels, connecting, and just keeping aware of where your OnePlus Buds are — I love the “ping” feature to find each earbud.

  • Swap to the last connected device — Touch and hold either side for three seconds
  • Reject call — hold either side for five seconds
  • Answer call — double-tap either side
  • Skip a track — double-tap either side

Although this is not all the touch controls can do if you do happen to have an OnePlus smartphone. With the latest Ogyen Os Updates, you’ll get access to several extra controls including the ability to alter the double-tap action.


  • If you do not own an OnePlus smartphone, then you will not be able to update your OnePlus Buds. That is a really big problem from the outset, as you won’t get access to software fixes and important tweaks.
  • You can’t skip backtracks or customize these options if you do not have an OnePlus-branded smartphone
  • If you’re a fan of genres such as alt-rock, electronic or deep house music, then the default tuning of these earbuds may not fly for you as you will miss that extra oomph.
  • OnePlus Buds lack the support for a wide range of gesture controls


  • 13.4mm drivers can produce very good sound when in the right environments.
  • The OnePlus buds also offer crisp and clear audio over phone calls.
  • OnePlus Buds have a fast charging option that offers 10 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charge (a full charge in around 80 minutes).


At the price of Rs.4999, OnePlus Buds are the best buds in the market in comparison to Apple’s Air Pod, Huawei Free Buds 3, etc. They offer a good mix of balanced sound, excellent battery life and premium looks without breaking the bank. The OnePlus Buds have a consist-but-modest sound profile which is yet another impressive aspect and should at least be given consideration. This is our side on OnePlus Buds Review.



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